Community Services
17 Apr 2020

Start a Career in Community Services

Community ServicesIf you’re after a rewarding career that gives back to the community and changes people’s lives for the better, then this is the profession for you. Every day you will play an important part in someone’s life as you assist them to create a stronger and brighter future for themselves.

By starting your career in community services, you will also be joining Australia’s largest and fastest growing industry according to the Australian Government, Jobs website. To put this in perspective, Health Care and Social Assistance saw 1,685,100 people in Australia employed and this figure is projected to increase by 14.9% over five years to May 2023 (Health Care and Social Assistance, 2020).

What is a Community Services Worker?

A Community Services Worker provides care and support to disadvantaged groups and individuals within the community. A benefit to this profession is that every role is as diverse as the wide range of clients they cater to including:
• Health care
• Aged care
• Child Care
• Refugees
• Social assistance
• Public administration and safety
• Rehabilitation
• Social work
• Mental health

As a Community Services Worker you will be assisting your clients to become more independent and confident in their lives and everyday activities. You will also embark upon problems currently facing the community, working to ensure every adult, adolescent and child has access to a safe, fostering and encouraging environment allowing them to maximise their full potential and succeed.

Work settings also vary depending on the role, and you may be asked to work in an office environment, virtually, in the community or at the client’s home of residence. This is the beauty of the role as you will be able to find a role that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Again, the Health Care and Social Assistance sector is booming and there is a growing demand for employment within this field. Employers are on the lookout for potential people like yourselves who are willing to step up and give back to the community. There has never been a better time to become a Community Services Worker.

How to become a Community Services Worker?

To become a Community Services Worker, you must study, learn the practices and at least hold a valid certificate in that field of expertise. At the Sarina Russo Institute (SRI) we offer a CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services and a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Disability). While studying a diploma is an adequate amount of study to undertake this role, lots of our students combine these courses and complete both to ensure they can capitalise on great career opportunities and advancement. We recommend talking to one of our friendly Career Consultants who will be able to give you a free one on one consultation and discuss study options and career pathways.

Another benefit of studying at SRI is that our students are also given free access and support to Joblinx, an internship Placement & Career Development company that assists our students to gain employment.

Since 2008 Joblinx has been providing clients with employment support, Work Experience and Internship opportunities as well as offering one on one consultation, training and workshops to enhance their career development and employment prospects.

Joblinx assists their clients to gain work experience, part time and graduate employment and provides access to a full range of training programs to facilitate the development of skills needed for success in a global workplace.


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