Workforce Australia – Career Transition Assistance

Empowering people aged 45 and over to gain employment

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Why the Workforce Australia – Career Transition Assistance Program?

The Workforce Australia – Career Transition Assistance is a government initiative to support over 45 years old into employment. Since 1979 Sarina Russo has focused on creating real employment opportunities through training and empowering people. The program recognises your existing knowledge and experience, to build your skills and focus on creating real employment opportunities through practical learning and face-to-face engagement.

This program is tailored to participants’ individual needs and backgrounds. It is designed to build confidence, focus on personal development and wellbeing and provide insider knowledge into accessing local businesses.

  1. Induction and assessment phase: our coaches get to know you from the start bundertaking a comprehensive Initial Career Profile Assessment. 
  2. Career Road Map: a one-on-one coaching session to identify goals, transferable skills and what is needed to gain employment. 
  3. Your Marketing Campaign: access and creation of specific tools for example targeted and customised résumés, cover letters, interview skills, networking skills, social media and LinkedIn profiles. 
  4. Targeted Job Search: access to digital resources with individual and small group activities to help undertake a strategic job search, targeted networking, self-marketing and engaging with employers. 
  5. My Career Coach: access to a personal coach to support, mentor and keep on track. 

If you need help with IT skills our Coaches will provide a more intensive focus through our digital literacy component to enable you to:

  • Get comfortable – introduce digital services, smartphones and tablets, and be safe
  • Get online – create an email & MyGov account, set up voice mail, load and use apps, create accounts
  • Get busy – create and save documents
  • Get connected – social media networking, search tools, apply for jobs online
Program features

Focus on wellbeing

Our approach will be engaging, proactive and supportive

Experienced Coaches

To create a fully tailored experience

Respect for maturity

Creating a meeting and gathering space for participation, support and activity 

Practical learning

Using activities to build capabilities and knowledge such as completing an online application or arranging a local employer as a guest speaker  

360Degree support

Contact with a personal Career Coach and Mentor as well as feedback and support from peers and employers to make this a real-life experience

Direct employer engagement

Intensive involvement with Employers through presentations, real interviews and work experience 

Resourced for success

Providing access to online research, preparation of job applications and industry-specific resumes and build a digital and social media profile  

SRI resources

Labour market information and job vacancy sites  

Coaching & group sessions

Understand employer requirements, explore and translate transferable skills from work and life experiences, refine resumes to specific industries and practice interview skills  

Flexible delivery

SRI’s program starts at any week. Our schedule allows for choice to accommodate part-time requirements  

Industry awareness experiences

You will have industry awareness experiences including employer presentations to understand the skills required for local jobs. You may also have opportunities to undertake work experience where you have employment opportunities.

Preparing your Career Pathway Plan

SRI works one on one to guide you from the initial Career Pathway Assessment through to a Career Pathway Plan. An action plan is developed with you to outline your steps to employment. CTA will be engaging and supportive, focussing on creating positive relationships and shared responsibility for success. Our experienced Coaches will work with you to develop your Career Pathway Plan to ensure you have a clear plan of action at the end of the program.

Ongoing Support 

Post-program support will ensure access to courses and tutorials beyond the end of the program to provide continuing practice and retain essential skills. SRI will provide two additional contacts to continue to assist with job applications, monitor achievement of milestones and provide feedback. 

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