Name: Susanne
Course: Diploma of Business


“As the mother of a senior student who is heavily involved in representative sport and extracurricular activities, I wanted to give my daughter an alternative to senior studies which was more flexible and manageable with her busy schedule whilst also conducive to her personality.  She works as a casual office assistant outside of school and has had leadership roles at school where she enjoyed group work and taking responsibility.  With all these factors to consider, the OP pathway to university did not seem the best ‘fit’ for my daughter as she needed flexibility and an environment she could be highly motivated to study.

This is where Sarina Russo Institute (SRI) was different.  SRI offered an online program whereby my daughter logs on each week and listens to the lecture.  Each unit is broken down into tasks which makes it manageable and they are due each week which makes it flexible for my daughter to complete in her spare time and the lecturers are a great support if ever she needs to clarify a task or seek any help.  The unit booklets are great in that she can read the topics ahead of lectures to gain a better understanding of the content.

I couldn’t be happier for her as she will finish a Diploma before the end of Year 12 and gain invaluable knowledge and most importantly, she can apply what she is learning in her Diploma of Business to her casual Office Assistant position.   I feel that my daughter’s decision to complete this Diploma, along with her school subjects, is one of the best decisions she could have made for her senior studies and gaining entry to university.”