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Name: Gabby
Course: Certificate III in Business Administration



“I came to Sarina Russo Institute as a seventeen-year-old student, who dropped out of high school halfway through their final year due to having anxiety too severe to even set foot on the school grounds.

I thought that the Cert III in Business Administration would just be something quick and easy to do just to get me the final points I needed to receive my equivalent to the Year 12 certificate, but it exceeded my expectations exponentially. Throughout the whole course, I was surprised that not only did it retain my attention and interest but I actually began to crave the work.

The trainers were unquestionably one of the strongest highlights of the course for me. I cannot praise them enough. The constant support, kindness, and generosity that I received is something that I haven’t experienced before, and doubt that I will receive anywhere else.

I completed my course with Sarina Russo Institute as a full-time student in half of the allocated time, which, I have been told, is a record. Although I was a full-time student, I had so much freedom to still have a life. I could binge watch Netflix, go out for lunch, see my friends, and do pretty much whatever I wanted. It was something that I am very grateful for because one of the most unpleasant things I found about attending high school, was that I felt completely constricted. I never once felt that with Sarina Russo Institute and I cannot recommend this institute enough.

Now, I am a seventeen-year-old who now has filled all the requirements for the Queensland Certificate of Education before my school peers, has a qualification, and has more options than I thought possible.”