Infection Control Training Courses


Overview – Infection Control Training Course
This course provides the skill sets to support relevant workers to respond to the infection risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic: Retail, Food Handling, and Transport and Logistics.

During this course you will learn how to:

  • Hand hygiene and care of hands
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Handling of waste
  • Enforcing clean and contaminated zones
  • Limitation of contamination
  • Surface cleaning for infection control
  • Identify infection hazards and assess risks
  • Best practice virus and bacterial infection and control
  • Where to find reliable and trustworthy information

Skill Sets


Delivery Mode

Upon successful completion, students will receive a statement of attainment in one of the following Skill Sets:

HLTSS00064 Infection control Skill Set
Suitable for those working in aged or disability care, health, community services or other areas with direct client care (Skills Set contains the original unit HLTINF001 Comply with infection prevention and control
policies and procedures)

HLTSS00065 Infection control Skill Set (Retail)
Suitable for people working in retail, supermarkets, entertainment (without food), salons, gyms and markets.

HLTSS00066 Infection control Skill Set (Food Handling)
Suitable for people working in food outlets, aged & disability care, education, performance venues and food delivery.

HLTSS00067 Infection control Skill Set (Transport and Logistics)
Suitable for all sizes of businesses, e.g. offices, depots, customer sites, warehouses, distribution centres, courier services and service centres.

2021: AU$350

Duration: 25 Hours

Online/ Virtual Classrooms

  • using iLearn, our 24/7 learner management system. Using iLearn, students can engage with learning at their own speed, in their own time from the comfort of their home.
  • Virtual support
  • Student Support Services Offered:
    • Dedicated trainers to facilitate with all training and assessment
    • Access to iLearn – our 24/7 learning management system
    • 24/7 access to virtual learning and assessment materials that comprise of recorded lectures, interactive digital resources, eBooks, PowerPoint’s and video links
    • Collaborate directly with Trainers, industry experts, and peers
    • Free state of the art Language Literacy and Numeracy tools
    • Mentoring and job placement assistance


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