BSB40320 – Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Our founder Sarina Russo started her small business with only $600 and all she wanted to do was secure her own job.  It was with determination, resilience and self-belief that led Sarina to build her global business.  Through this experience and Sarina’s journey, Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs was established, helping over 16,000 individuals start their own business and find success.

 If you have a dream and an idea, Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs can steer you in the right direction.  Our range of Entrepreneurship qualifications and skill sets will equip you with the skills and confidence to go out and start your self-employment journey.

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Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs also provides government-funded entrepreneurship programs to eligible participants.

For more information about funded programs and to check your eligibility CLICK HERE.

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Prepare for your small business venture

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs can help you start and develop your new business and also help existing micro-business owners to keep their small business open.  We have designed and deliver an online course so you can learn anywhere anytime.

Who is this course for:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: This nationally recognised qualification will help you turn your idea into a viable business.
  • Business Owners: The course is designed to equip you with effective strategies that you can apply to grow your existing business.
  • Business Professionals: This online qualification will give you the skills needed to kick-start your career or get promoted within your organisation.

What is included:

  • Phone consultation before beginning your course with a dedicated Business Coach to hear and advise on your Business and Business idea.
  • Invitations to join monthly Master Classes led by our founder Sarina Russo
  • Quarterly mentoring appointment with your Business Coach to discuss your progress.
  • Learn to do detailed research and develop business plans
  • Refine your strategy and plan finances for new ventures
  • Develop impactful marketing strategy
  • Acquire resource management skills
  • Learn how to future-proof your business
  • Create an effective online presence

Course Structure

Unit Code Unit Name
BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities
BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans
BSBESB302 Develop and present business proposals
BSBESB303 Organise finances for new business ventures
BSBESB304 Determine resource requirements for new business ventures
BSBESB403 Plan finances for new business ventures
BSBESB405 Manage compliance for small businesses
BSBESB407 Manage finances for new business ventures
BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures
BSBESB404 Market new business ventures
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