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The Discovery Program is a 5 module online learning experience, targeted at equipping, motivating and resourcing you with all you need to gain meaningful and lasting employment. The Program is FREE to all Sarina Russo Institute students.


  • Compass

    This module will guide you through a series of coaching videos and interactive activities designed to centre you and prepare you for the road ahead by pointing you in the right direction.Compass

    It will help you work out what's really important to you.

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    Module Objective


    • To provide a starting point to the career discovery and job search improvement process by identifying the attitudes and values that impact behaviour.
    • To provide you with an introduction to Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) as a way to deal with unhelpful attitudes toward job search (Phase2)
    • To provide you with a personalized, values-based, frame of reference to approach career discover with.


    By the end of this Module you will be able to:


    • Identify your attitudes and realise the impact on your job search efforts.
    • Be able to apply basic Cognitive Behaviour Technique to negative attitudes, by identifying at least 1 prominent unhelpful attitude you experience toward job search and your future career, and how you could improve your thought process around engaging the job search and career change process. (Phase 2)
    • Able to name and define your 6 top personal values in regards to your career future, thereby clarifying your motivation and needs when it comes to exploring future career options.

  • Road Map

    This module looks at your career direction and helps you to determine your future career destination and how you are going to get there. Road Map

    We will help locate what kind of job you really want, will be good at, and will really enjoy doing.

    If you have engaged in the first module of the program, you are approaching this one with already tuned up and ready to go.

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    Module Objective


    To provide a process of discovery to allow you to clearly identify the Career / Jobs you want to target, and create the plan to follow to obtain this, using goal setting and action planning.

    By the end of this module you will be able to


    • Name the skills, experience, education, personal resources and challenges you face when seeking employment.
      After exploring your personality and interests, you can name a set of at least 5 job roles that suit your personality and interests.
    • Prove knowledge gained through research of 2-5 of these job roles by articulating; specific job prospects for that role, average earnings, job requirements, required qualifications and personal suitability.
    • Articulate in a minimum of 2-4 paragraphs a picture of their preferred future with an emphasis on the employment they determine you want to pursue.
    • Describe what your S.M.A.R.T. goal is, and create a minimum of 2 S.M.A.R.T. goals surrounding  your personal job search target.
    • Produce an action plan connected to each written goal, with detailed steps to follow with immediate action required.


  • Vehicle

    How to get from "A" to "B" in style.... and with speed !!Vehicle

    How do you currently look for work or find those new career opportunities?  So many people are getting this so wrong.  They are spending time and energy on strategies that just don’t work or are incredibly out dated.  This leads to intense frustration, and a tendency to just want to give up.

    This module will not only reveal the top, PROVEN, most effective, ways to find work, it will step you through exactly how to employ them.  Learning and implementing the strategies contained in this module will take you from that rickety-ol-all-stops-to-no-where bus, and put you in the driver’s seat of the hottest job searching sports car on the market.

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    Module Objective


    To equip you with the most proven, effective and current job search strategies in today’s market.  This module will consider your current Job Search Strategy; and how this might be improved, while guiding you through a targeted Job Search Strategy that focuses primarily on structured networking as the most effective strategy.

    By the end of this module you will be able to


    • Diagnose your current job search strategy; Where might you be going wrong?
    • Understanding and cracking the Hidden Job market once and for all.
    • Be an expert in Job Search Strategy


  • Luggage

    Knowing what are the best career journey accessories that will have real impact is vital in securing employment.Luggage

    Having the right supplies, tools and resources to make sure you arrive are you career destination.

    This module includes

    • An inbuilt Resume builder
    • Three easy steps to great cover letters
    • How big is the Linkedin craze anyway and how to create an awesome profile
    • All you need to know to be great at interviews, with the tools to sharpen your game.

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    Module Objective


    To allow you to generate a suite of job search tools that support your job search efforts.  This module will cover all the essential items; writing Targeted Resumes and Cover letters, use of social media, LinkedIn, personal branding, and interviews skills.

    By the end of this module you will be able to


    • Demonstrate understanding of personal brand, evidenced by the creation of a ‘personal sales pitch’.
    • Demonstrate understanding of targeted resumes that are industry specific and cover letters that are job specific, proven by the development of at least one resume and cover letter.
    • Demonstrate understanding of how to establish a LinkedIn profile and use this tool as part of the Job Search Strategy Network.  This will be evidenced by the establishment of an Linkedin Profile.
    • Interviews; Demonstrate understanding of:
      • of appropriate interview attire
      • behaviour on day and interview
      • protocolhow to prepare well for standard interview questions
      • how to prepare an Interview ‘cheat sheet’ for an interview scenario.


  • Destination

    Congratulations you have arrived, now its time to ensure you don't just survive - but you thrive at your new destinationDestination

    Just like arriving in a new country, there can be some culture shock, so let’s try and address that so you are well prepared.


    This module includes

    The three C’s of Workplace Survival

    • Communication
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Conflict Management & Resolution

    ‘Job Mould’ rather than ‘Job Fold’.  Tips to keep connected to your job once the honeymoon period is over, and how to mould that job to be what you need it to be.

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    Module Objective


    You will fully understand the 8 employability skills, and be equipped with the knowledge of how to use them in the workplace.

    Module 1 - Understanding the Workplace

    • Understanding Cultural Differences
    • How Culture Impacts Business Organisations
    • How Culture Influences Management Style
    • Working With Culturally Diverse Workplace

    Module 2 - Working Effectively

    • Understanding Communication Styles
    • Interpersonal Relations in the Workplace
    • Planning and Organising
    • Self-management
    • Office Technology